Thursday, August 28, 2008

Corn & Apple Rides

This was the first year that Kai, our daughter, was old enough to really enjoy the rides at the Corn & Apple festival, and well let me tell you she really really enjoyed the rides. Here's a couple of shots of her as we were going down the super slide together... love you Peanut!

Crazy Grads = Cool Shots

I photographed a group of friends for grad, these ladies were crazy they told me about this old house they wanted to go to which turned into a little adventure of it's own as we ended up exploring the entire house and getting some really cool shot in it. Then there was the scaling of the side of a building just to get into a window for no real particular reason other than to just do it :) and the entire shoot ended up on top of a business in downtown Morden... I'm glad there were no cops around the night we did this one ... here's a few shots of the adventure... and the beautiful ladies that made it all happen. Congratulations guys!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Corn and Apple Festival

This is always a crazy weekend for me. I have a display set up at the corn and apple festival and I'm going out to shoot a wedding in Winnipeg on Saturday. So if anyone is trying reach me this weekend your best bet will be email or text. And if you don't know what do this weekend head on down to the corn and apple festival...always a good time.
Steve Hiebert
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Future Competition

I just posted some shots from Melanie & Todd's wedding this weekend, and I had to post a few more that I got of the flower girl, Naomi. I had just finished doing a shot of the couple and I looked beside me and noticed Naomi setting up to do her own photo, she was concentrating on capturing just the right moment....

And of course after the shot she had to show me her work...

And the result of all that concentration and hard work...

Good job Naomi... keep it up.

Melanie & Todd

Saturday was yet another beautiful but very warm day, and exactly what Melanie and Todd wanted for their wedding day. We were up at Seven Sisters Dam and Whitemouth Falls for these photos. We had all sorts of plans for shooting down below the dam on some of the great rocks that were there but those plans changed as we showed up and the dam was open and water was rushing through the area we were going to shoot. Despite this "set back" we had a blast shooting and got some amazing photos. Congratulations guys.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Laura & Tim

Laura & Tim was the second wedding for weekend and another perfect day. The day started out with a beautiful ceremony in the morning followed by an afternoon photo session. Tim had his two brothers in the wedding party... I guess it doesn't matter how old they get they will still be brothers and that means they well be getting into trouble... what a great shot though.

The day ended at The Gates with a small reception for family and friends. Congratulations guys.

08.08.08 - Cindy & Jarrod

08.08.08 was a big wedding day for a lot of people, and Cindy and Jarrod were no exception. We were up at Misty Lake Lodge in Gimili for this wedding, the weather was perfect, maybe a tad hot but gorgeous. The setting was amazing with the ceremony happening outside overlooking the lake.

Cindy had been out for Chinese food Wednesday before the wedding and found this in her fortune cookie... maybe they really know what they are talking about :)

Time to catch up...

First off sorry to all the regular readers as I haven't been keeping on top of things here the last week or two... but with this post I will be starting to catch up :)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Model Contest Update

So here is the info on the top 10 Contestants for Manitoba's Next Top Model...

Alyssa Groening
Chelci Waldner
Chelsea Magotiaux
Erin Fehr
Eryn Rae
Eryn Wiebe
Leah Rampton
Pegah Afsharinezhad
Svietlana Hladkikh
Tina Kroeker

We are currently in the process of photographing these lovely ladies and the photos will be up shortly for you to vote on... Keep checking back for more info and to place your votes.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Coming soon...

As some of you may already know we are running a modeling competition via facebook... we are currently going through the 40 plus contestants and picking the top 10 contestants, which is not an easy task. We will be announcing the top 10 here very shortly, and as soon as we have the photos we will be posting them here as well and asking for all of you to help us pick Manitoba's Next Top Model. Keep checking back for more details and info.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Long weekend...

and I mean long weekend... I feel soo lucky to actually have the entire weekend free... the weather sounds great, so I plan on taking full advantage of it. Have a great weekend everyone.

Something completely different...

So I saw this video and was blown away by these guys... amazing display of skill and strength... just had to share it. Enjoy!